WRIGHT DESIGN is a Structural Engineering Business founded by Alex Wright and is based in the outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We provide Structural Advice, Designs, Documentation and Certifications to deliver the best possible solutions for all your structural needs.

Our Quality of work, creativeness and logical ideas, along with a willingness to meet our clients requirements has set us above the rest of the field. Specialising in, but not limited to, Residential Structural design work, our staff have designed hundreds of residences covering nearly every construction type available. These include Unit Developments, Retaining Walls, Swimming Pools, Fences, Basements, Upto 4 Storey Residences, Lightweight and Concrete Apartment Blocks Upto 4 Storeys, etc...

"WRIGHT DESIGN - The Right Choice in Structural Engineering"


WRIGHT DESIGN produces Structural CAD documentation overlaid onto Architectural backgrounds. Our prices are competitive without comprimising quality and are negotiable within reason. To request our services please contact Alex Wright via his details above.